My Little Pony Trading Cards

Operation "List ALL THE CARDS"

Welcome to the MLP Trading Card Archive!

On this page, we're attempting to catalog and scan every single My Little Pony trading card. This will be a useful resource for collectors, to see what they're still missing, or just for curious fans that want to browse the collection!

It's still a work-in-progress, since I don't have EVERY card yet. I have almost all of the released cards (and am working on scanning them all as you read this!), but I'm currently still missing some of the Foil cards from F16-F28. I now have ALL released cards in my collection! Scans are on the way! If you have any corrections, information that I don't have, or are able to submit some high-quality (1200dpi) scans, please email me at with everything you've got! (Don't attach a million scans, though, we'll have to discuss how to transfer those.)

Without any further ado, here are the links to each individual set:

Base Set (84 cards)

Foil Set (43 cards)

Gold Series Set (8 cards)

Standee Set (9 cards)

Completed Puzzles:

Puzzle A - Elements of Harmony

Puzzle B - Royal Wedding

Puzzle C - Nightmare Moon's Defeat

I hope somepony gets some use out of all this!


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